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2 Lane Bungee Run


2 Lane Bungee Run


  • Two-lane bungee run game.
  • The Bungee Run is a high-intensity active unit that is fun for both adults and children.
  • Two people can use the Bungee Run at one time, each trying to place their bean bag/baton as far down the gauntlet as possible before the Bungee cord attached to the belt you are wearing pulls you back to the start.
  • Once the cord has begun to pull you back brace yourself for the fun and quick journey back to the start!
  • The Bungee Run is suitable for any type of hire for use outdoors and indoors so it is suitable for events all year round.

We deliver the Evening Before, Overnight, Day Hire & Weekend Rates. Contact the office for more details.

Size: Length 975cm Width 350cm Height 275cm

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